Engage, educate, and empower individuals in underserved communities to make informed decisions about their bodies while transforming the narrative on what it means to prioritize self-care.



To provide individuals within our local communities with improved access to education on topics including menstruation, mental health, LGBTQ+ health and sexuality, sexual and reproductive health, pregnancy, and parenthood.



Our first campaign will be a pilot program focused on eliminating period poverty and providing access to menstruation education and resources. TWLC menstruation kits will include pads and tampons and a pamphlet on how to use these products. We are actively seeking partnerships with NYC public schools to launch a targeted pilot program focused on young people between ages 11 and 13.

TWLC wants to grow with our young people. Instead of being a reactionary community, we want to be a proactive community, and supportive of each person's individual journey.



In tandem with our menstruation kits, we will begin app development. Through the app, we aim to create easy access to neighborhood information that includes free to low-cost women’s health and wellness resources on organizations in the recipient’s zip code.

The White Lotus Collective app will serve as a one-stop-shop for women of all ages, featuring: location services for doctors, clinics and support groups; book appointments; track lifestyle changes; and engage with other individuals all in a secure and inclusive environment on our platform.



We are actively seeking funding, partners, resources, distribution points, app development and material support. 
To learn more about how you can contribute, email us at info@thewhitelotuscollective.org.